Hjelle Hotel - a romantic hotel in Fjord-Norway

Hjelle Hotel is a charming and romantic family hotel that really makes its guests feel at home, and which has been run by the same family since 1896. Hjelle lies at the eastern end of Lake Oppstrynsvatnet, midway between Stryn Sommerskisenter (20 km) and Stryn township (27 km). The hotel is situated in spacious grounds on the lake shoreline. This is a peaceful spot surrounded by spectacular scenery, which has retained the atmosphere of Norwegian rural districts from days gone by. Jostedal Glacier National Park Centre is just 5 km from the hotel.

Hjelle is close to famous attractions like the Briksdal glacier and the Geiranger fjord.

Emma og Lorentz Hjelle
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Luftfoto Hjelle Motell Hotel


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